About Me

Avi Barashi has always had a heart for helping others. In 1988 he received a Master in Business Administration (MBA) with a minor in finance, from the University of California and went to work in the Corporate Finance Department at Met Life in New York. He quickly became frustrated with the big corporation mentality where he was unable to make financial decisions or make a difference in the lives of people seeking financial guidance.

Realizing that Las Vegas was poised for long-term population and economic growth, Avi shifted gears in 1989 and moved to Las Vegas to start working as a real estate broker. In addition to being a broker, Avi invested in properties himself, buying, managing and flipping residential and commercial properties, as well as vacant land.  

Though the real estate business proved lucrative for Avi, his passion was in lending where he saw a need for honest, reliable individuals capable of helping those in need of financial help and advice. He invested in trust deeds, lent money to people to purchase or refinance their properties, and financed property sales, which gave him the ability to not only grow his knowledge of the industry, but also help people with their real estate investments and financial needs.

In 2004, foreseeing that the real estate market was about to decline, he made the decision to cash in his investments. He sold his real estate holdings, and tried to cash in his short term trust deed investments, which he had made through several of the largest hard money / trust deed investment companies in Nevada. 

Even though the short-term loans had matured, the hard money investment companies had extended the maturity dates of the loans against the will of Avi and the other investors. As the economic downturn intensified, the real estate market collapsed, and both the borrowers and the investors lost out.

This bad experience inspired Avi to become a lender himself so that he could provide a better service to those in the Las Vegas community and beyond. With extensive experience in the real estate and lending market, his goals focus not only on providing excellent customer care, but also helping people make the most of their investments by tailoring his service to meet the individual financial needs of each client.

Avi specializes in:

  • Residential, commercial and land investments with 30 years of experience as a licensed broker-salesman
  • Providing alternative funding for real estate investors who may struggle to get approved for a traditional bank loan
  • Offering competitive interest rates and fees
  • Staying on top of market trends so that he can advise and protect both borrowers and investors
  • Investing in and selling real estate, with a 30 year track record of successful profits

Hardworking, honest and firmly rooted in all aspects of real estate, Avi provides his clients with impactful results. He stays informed of local economic and market trends and has consistently remained in the top 10% of highest producing real estate agents in Las Vegas.

Avi offers a personal approach to lending by keeping his customers fully informed. He thoughtfully navigates all aspects of business for his customers to ensure smooth, straight forward transactions. He is an excellent communicator, is detail oriented, and always has the customer’s best interest in mind.

Avi brings energy to every project he undertakes. He utilizes his diverse range of contacts in the industry to help people with their real estate and financial goals so that they too can experience financial success.

Avi is currently a Licensed Mortgage Loan Originator, specializing in Hard Money / Private Loans, and is associated with 5th Bridge Funding LLC.

Avi Barashi is a member of the National Association of Realtors (NAR), the Nevada Association of Realtors (NVAR), and the Greater Las Vegas Association of Realtors (GLVAR). He and his wife have two beautiful daughters and have called Las Vegas home since 1989.